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eNdoto through its divisions and brands offer an extensive portfolio of pedestrian and traffic safety solutions that address many of the needs of the traffic industry to keep our roads safe and operating efficiently.


•        High performance snow plowable and surface reflective and mount LED lighting

•        Passive high power reflectors

•        Optical 360 reflective optical curb markers

•        EveluxUSA road and pedestrian safety products

•        Steel modular barrier

•        Aluminum bridge rail

•        Aluminum sign posts


The eNdoto Team

The eNdoto Team represents talented and experienced individuals who are dedicated to providing the most up to date and efficient pedestrian and road safety products and solutions to the industry.  Known as "knowledge experts" and leaders in the fast evolving traffic safety industry, our eNdoto team has enabled us to seize new global projects, improve on customer, product and service loyalty, introduce innovative products and solutions in North America and around the world.


• We are glad to meet others that care about safety as much as we do.


• We at eNdoto identify with your objective of satisfying your customers and growing your business to meet the demands of the road safety industry. We at eNdoto know we can offer you many alternatives beyond the normal scope offered in the industry. We will partner with you to help tailor a solution that meets and exceeds your project requirements.


• Our team of product engineers and road safety specialists are available to assist or consult with any of your traffic, road & pedestrian safety-guidance solutions; or illumination and visibility needs.  Our technical and sales staff are standing by to help with your project and bring next generation solutions to your doorstep.


•  "Your project is our vision!"


eNdoto prides itself at being the “go-to” source for tailored solutions ensuring traffic and pedestrian safety. Our expertise includes products and systems for roadways and bridges, transit systems, tunnels, waterways and parking lots; for education, cultural and medical facilities; for parks and recreation areas, and for residential and commercial properties, as well as vehicle and equipment lighting.  We aim to satisfy the critical and growing demands for green, long-lasting safety and lighting solutions with specially focused, environmentally conscious products and systems.  The eNdoto Corp Divisions: USReflector * EveluxUSA * GEOVISION * MDS Barriers * SignMAST * STEPGLOW * SignalService * Phalanx SAFETY*






Curb Markers


LED Markers

Optical curb & pavement markers

Traffic calming-Speed bumps

Surface mount traffic posts

Vertical delineation

Anti-skid surface treatments

Guard Rail & barriers reflectors

Chain & Gate reflectors

Plastic Barriers

Reflective Paint

Ground markings

Handicap signage


MDS Barriers

Barrierguard 800

Signal controllers & detectors

PHALANX *ZSR - Zone Safety

Resource - Wide Area Perimeter

   & Asset protection


LED and Xenon Lighting

     Train lighting

   Rail Equipment lighting

   ○  Agricultural equipment

   ○  Mining & Forestry  Lighting




Metal detector gloves

Safety deployment trailer


Flash beacons

Border patrol

Wide Area Perimeter

   & Asset protection

Self contained lighting solutions



Photo-luminescent "Step Edge"

Technology & Visual Guidence

Emergency Evacuation Systems

StepGlow Paving stones

Night Egress Guidance

Stairwell guidance




   Educational & Cultural facilities

   Private & residential

Toll Free:1-888-906-9327   Tel: (860) 289-8033


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